Sunday, April 27, 2008


It's almost May. May EXHAUSTS me. Even though it's still April, May has started. This week: Preschool Teacher Appreciation Week-many things to remember and organize. A lacrosse game Tuesday night. A class I teach at church Wednesday night. A lacrosse game Thursday night. The first grade musical Thursday night-of course at the same time as his brother's lacrosse game. Lines to learn for said musical (Coleman has a speaking part-yeah!) Tuesday Bible study (I might want to START this week's lesson, here sometime...) Volunteer in Coleman's class Wednesday morning. Trophy money and end of season party money to collect for two LAX teams. Hmmmm, wasn't I going to exercize at some point? My house looks like a trash bomb went off in it-maybe I can find some of that CAUTION tape to wrap around it. I think I'm going to bed. Maybe the Mommy fairy will come while I sleep...

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