Sunday, June 22, 2008

Have A Coke and A Smile

My parents are here for a visit and today we went to the World of Coca-Cola. (My kids' favorite place to go in Atlanta-we're cultured that way.)
One of the exhibits in the memorabilia section is a selection of the Olympic Torches. Today they had the torch from the Nagano Winter Olympics out and Christian got to hold it.
Pretty cool, huh?  I'm sure he was envisioning himself running with it!  

We also watched the 4D movie.  The last couple of times we saw it Carolyn was HORRIFIED by the whole experience.  She wouldn't even put the glasses back on after the first object came flying at her face and spent most of the movie hiding her face in my shoulder.
Today? She decided that it was actually pretty cool!  She didn't wear the glasses for the first few minutes, but then she tried them and kept them on the whole time.  It's because she is "five now and a big girl!"

And of course, the best part of the WHOLE place (per my kids!) is the tasting room!
Seriously?  It would be WAY cheaper to just buy a couple of different sodas and let them drink them at home.  
Good to the last drop!  At least he hasn't learned what a funnel is yet....

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Jinjer said...

The World of Coca Cola?? I would LOVE this place! How cool?! Proud of Carolyn for ending up liking the glasses :)

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