Monday, June 09, 2008

Here Comes the Bride

This weekend my niece got married.  

Carolyn was the flower girl and I can say without bias that she did a FANTASTIC job!

  The wedding was in Alabama so we left in plenty of time to get there for the rehearsal and dinner.  Unfortunately, this did not take into account the TWO HOURS it would take us to get out of Atlanta due to a chemical spill on the interstate.

During the wedding, Stephanie (the bride) cried during her vows.  Coleman was confused and asked me about it and I explained to him that sometimes people get emotional but that she was happy even though she was crying.  He thought about that a little while and then said, "I know what SHE'S gonna be doing tonight!" 

I was afraid to ask, but did and he said, "She's gonna be cryin' all night!"


The wedding and pictures went off without a hitch and Stephanie looked beautiful.  The bride and groom left the church in a sendoff of bubbles.  

(We are so old.  At least we had birdseed, not rice!) 

Uncle Gary and Stephanie

Carolyn danced with all the boys. 

Coleman got around himself! 
There were more boys than girls, so Coleman asked the other flower girl to dance.  She giggled and danced with him for just a few minutes and then ran off.  I told Coleman I was proud of him for asking her and he said, "Yeah, but she only danced for a minute.  Because she isn't 'that kind of girl.'"  

"What kind of girl?"  

"The kind of girl that likes to dance."

Right again.  

This shot is a particular favorite.  

Nothing like two five year olds bellying up to the bar!  
Everyone was tired by the end of the night.  Although not everyone lay down on the DJ's stage to rest!
It was great seeing everyone.  The kids had a blast with their cousins and getting together just makes all of us realize how much we miss each other.


Kim Thomas said...

Carolyn is so darn cute! Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...


Kim stole my words

Carolyn-you are the cutest!

Jinjer said...

Carolyn looks beautiful!! Glad the wedding was fun!

Stephanie said...

They were all so much fun!! Carolyn was the best flower girl and so adorable!! Everyone has told me she was so cute!! It was great seeing all the Brauns there!! There are definately some dancers in the family... and your boys can pull some smooth moves! haha Thanks if you get a chance email your pictures! much love steph

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