Friday, June 27, 2008

Home Alone

My parents left to go home to Louisiana yesterday. This picture is from around 1966(?) when my parents were dating. Aren't they cute? LOVE the headscarf! (I keep telling Carolyn we need to keep one for each of us in Daddy's car.)
We had a great visit and did a lot of fun stuff. Anytime they come we always have a project day! My dad fixed the door that fell off the armoire and hung a chandelier in Carolyn's room. My mom always finds some crummy project that I would NEVER get around to because it's too messy or tedious or boring and does it for me! It rocks.

By the way? Did I mention they took my kids home with them? For a whole WEEK?


Kim Thomas said...

The kids are gone for a week? Any plans in there absence?

Great pic!

Jinjer said...

What a great pic!

I mom, therefore I blog.