Saturday, June 14, 2008

One of Christian's friends plays on a power-soccer team. Tyler's team, the Screamin' Eagles, made it to Nationals this year! This year Nationals were right here in Atlanta, so Christian, Coleman, Carolyn and I were able to go watch a game yesterday. Wheelchair soccer is played just like regulation soccer only it is played on a basketball court instead of a field and the ball is considerably larger.
The athletes have a cage on the front of their chairs and they "kick" the ball with it. Instead of throwing the ball in, they hit it in with a spin kick-where the player whips his chair around and the momentum of the chair sends the ball into play.
Tyler had his own cheering section today!
Although his team lost the game 2-1, Tyler scored his team's only goal.
Go Tyler! Thanks for letting us come and watch you play!


Kim Thomas said...

This is too cool! What a great program to offer these kids.

Jinjer said...

Congrats on the goal Tyler!!

Troye said...

We LOVE power soccer!!! Go Tyler!

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