Sunday, June 29, 2008

Road Trip for Two

We decided spur of the moment to drive to Savannah for the weekend. We had a wonderful time!  Savannah is about 4 hours from Atlanta and we road-tripped the convertible for the first time.

  Saturday we checked into our hotel a little after one and walked down to the City Market.  We checked at Lady and Sons and no real surprise, they were already full for lunch AND dinner!  We walked on down to River Street and had lunch at Tubby's, a great seafood restaurant Troye recommended.  I swear, if my fish had been any fresher it would have been flopping on my plate!  We walked around downtown and melted for several hours and then took a horse-drawn carriage ride around the historic district.  The tour was fantastic.  We went by many of the squares and our driver talked about the history of Savannah and all of the buildings we passed. 

Best photo of the weekend:

 We found the the fountain

but we could not find the bird girl statue from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil!  (We later found out that the statue has been moved into the Telfair Art Museum.)

Today we drove over to Tybee Island and visited the Tybee Lighthouse.  It is one of the most complete lighthouses in the country because it has all of its outbuildings and is still in use today.
As you can imagine, the view from the top was spectacular.

Of course, to get to the top we had to climb 178 steps!  Down was a lot better-

Afterwards we went to Uncle Bubba's Oyster House for lunch.  I had Paula's Fried Chicken and I'm not going to lie, it was DIVINE.  I'm sure she fried it for me herself.  Then we stopped at Old Fort Jackson and soaked up some history.  I'm afraid Jim is not going to vacation with me anymore without the kids...he was sick of having his picture taken!

It was strange sightseeing without the kids.  I would see something and think how the kids would have enjoyed it.  Although it was VERY nice to stop and read any and everything I wanted!  We are home now, happy and tired.  It was nice to get away!


Wendy said...

Oh, Savannah is such a beautiful city! I haven't been there since I was in college. It is good to get away without the kids sometimes, too!

(By the way, we were at Black Rock Mountain State Park up in Rabun County.)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

No kids?????? Looks like you are both relaxed and happy!

Troye said...

I must say you do look fancy-free in all of those photos. I'm glad that you went to the lighthouse and Forsyth Park. When we got off of the phone I thought of ten other places that you needed to visit. Jim is looking mighty comfortable posing for all of those photos. I'm glad that y'all had a good time! Love ya!

Jinjer said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!

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