Thursday, June 05, 2008

You went where?

The kids have been in VBS until 12:30 everyday, but we found a nearby Take Off Tuesday (which again was on Thursday this week...I may have to consider a name change!)  We were in Winder yesterday to drop something off and stopped by the Barrow County Museum behind the Courthouse.  It was tiny, but the kids really enjoyed it.  Apparently Winder was settled on the site of an old Indian settlement and there were lots of Indian artifacts to see.  Winder was also an old railroad town and the boys found that very interesting.  The museum is in the old jail:
Foreshadowing of things to come?  I hope not!  Apparently, there is a hanging rope (scaffold?) up on the top floor and Coleman was very disappointed that it isn't open to the public.

The docent (no spring chicken) talked to the kids about life when she was a little girl.  She showed them a picture of the old Winder clothing plant from the 1920s and her mama was in the picture because she worked at the "pants factory".  It's amazing how much more interesting history is first hand!  The kids could have sat for hours and listened as she talked  about being bitten by a cotton worm and her daddy dabbing cigar juice on it to take the sting out.  

When we left the museum, lo and behold there was a Sonic across the street!  And it was happy hour!

I love my kids!  I love how they are interested in everything, even if it doesn't have bells and whistles.

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Jinjer said...

Looks like they are having a blast! Love the jail pic! LOL!!

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