Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blueberry Picking

We went down to Washington Farms this afternoon to pick blueberries. Jim was lucky enough to get to go with us. (His fun quotient is way lower than ours is!)
We picked 
and ate 
("Mom, how about if I eat three and put two in the basket?")
We picked a gallon of blueberries. 
(Mom tip:  blueberry picking is a little more expensive than strawberry picking, but it takes a lot longer to pick a gallon of blueberries than 3 gallons of strawberries!)
Look!  We found a cricket!  Can we keep it?
Look!  We found a horse!  Can we keep it?
blue hands
And look!  There is even a picture of ME!

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Jinjer said...

How fun does this look? I love it: "Can we keep it?" Too funny!!

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