Sunday, July 06, 2008


I am in Louisiana this week picking the kids up from my mom and dad's.  My cousin Wesley came down for the holiday to see all of us and my Memo.  We had so much fun!  Wes and her sister Susan were the cousins that we spent a lot of time with growing up...I still get tickled at all of the imaginative games we played growing up!  (My favorite-"going to college"!) 

We went to my sister's for the fourth of July and cooked out and attempted to go to the fireworks show.  We were running a little late and watched most of the show going down the interstate to get there.  When we arrived, the kids all got out of the car gazing up at the sky...and saw the last minute of the grand finale.  They were so disappointed!

It was so great to see you Wes!  We will definitely see you in Memphis on December 6th for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon!


Troye said...

I would still like to play "going to college." Is that allowed?

Jinjer said...

Pretty ladies!

Kim Thomas said...

What a fun week! Love visiting the cousins!

Kim A said...

I am with Troye on this one! Wouldn't you love to play "going to college" again! Actually, I'm pretty sure I PLAYED "going to college" when I was actually going to college!?!

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