Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Old McDaniel had a farm...

We needed a short Take Off Tuesday today because I am (supposed to be) packing us to go to Maryland tomorrow to see our Pennsylvania friends, the Aments!
Kim suggested McDaniel's Farm, a heritage farm right here in Gwinnett County. (And right down the street from Daddy's office, so we let him take us to lunch!) 
The farm was originally bought by the McDaniels in 1859 for $450 at an auction. However, the farm is restored to its early 20th century appearance.  The great (great?) grandson, Archie began overseeing the farm at age 12 when his father died. He lived and worked the farm until his death in 1999.   The kids were amazed that he still lived and farmed this homestead in Christian and Coleman's lifetime!  

Coleman was our self-appointed tour guide.

What is their fascination with outhouses?
The tenant house

Inside there is a white pie safe that is the TWIN of mine.  (The one that Jim hates!)
They don't look hot or anything, do they?
It's only been 100 degrees here for the last three days. I'm glad we're headed north tomorrow! Although, I think there is a hurricane headed north also?

We had to take a picture with the scarecrow.  
Unfortunately, by this point, we were way too hot to walk 20 feet IN THE SUN just to take a picture so this had to do.

The farmhouse bears an uncanny resemblance to my Memo's house!
Thanks, Kim for the suggestion.  We had a great time and are planning to go back for the Farm Days Festival in October.


Amy said...

Someday when my kids are older, I hope we get to do and see as many cool things as you guys do. I can't believe all the smiles in those pictures.

Kim A said...

I am glad you enjoyed it! We will go back with you in the fall when it is cooler and see the crops Kelly planted with the Church youth group!

Jinjer said...

LOL they have a fixation with the outhouses...too funny! I LOVE the pic of them with their faces in the holes of the cardboard people. Too cute!!

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