Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Butterflies and the Bus

When I went out on the front porch to watch for the bus this afternoon, I noticed that the bushes in my front flower bed were covered in butterflies!
I don't know what kind of bush it is, but it must be tasty!  There were at least a dozen butterflies flitting around.  They were so beautiful (even though I could NOT get a beautiful picture...)
Then the bus came and these two came running home hand in hand to tell me about their day.
So big and so little at the same time.
It made me a little sad for the day when they won't be so excited to come home and tell me everything.


Kim Thomas said...

I am sure it sounds stupid but I'm sad for that day already too.

Jinjer said...

Uuugh, that day makes me sad too...but they are happy to share their day with you now and that's what matters! And the butterflies are beautiful!

Paula said...

The butterflies are beautiful, but the pic of them hand-in-hand is 1000x more!

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