Saturday, August 09, 2008

Girls' Day Out

Since the boys went to Six Flags yesterday, Carolyn and I decided to go to the American Girl Store with Kim and Kelly.  For the moms, we threw in lunch at The Cheesecake Factory since we couldn't get a reservation at the cafe.  The girls were so excited!  There was just so much to look at!
After looking the store over at least three times and discussing the merits of each and every item, they finally made their purchases.  This store is a marketing dream.  
We topped off the day with a stop at Baskin Robbins.  
Kelly doesn't look like she enjoyed her ice cream NEARLY as much as Carolyn did!
The boys had a lot of fun at Six Flags.  They left at 9:30 AM and didn't get home until 9:00 PM.  I might even say that Jim had more fun than Christian and Coleman!


Kim Thomas said...

I have never heard of this store, is it a chain? If so, I imagine I'll be there.

Paula said...

That has GOT to be Chocolate N' Peanut Butter ice cream!!! only my favorite!!!

Looks like a great day!

Jinjer said...

How cute is Carolyn with her ice cream?! Looks like a blast!

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