Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An Important Message From Our Sponsor

Internets, I need your help.  I need a new name for my blog!  I've wanted to change my URL for a while because I don't want it to contain my last name (internet safety blah blah blah.) But since I haven't known HOW to move it, wasn't that big of a priority.  But now that I've talked to California Kim (whoo hoo!) I can do it!  Now the question is where?

So.  You read this blog.  You have seen it at it's hokiest... what is a good name?  Something catchy? (Not contagious!) Let's make it a contest.  If you suggest a name that I like (that's available), I will shower you with riches!  Or at least dig something out of my emergency birthday present stash.  




Kim Thomas said...


Jim said...

I am thinking something to do with woman's beach volleyball - the new favorite sport in the Braun home! Do I hear a booyah from Seattle?

Queen B said... ?

Paula said...
(as in the kids all have names starting with C)

Kim Thomas said...

Oh boy, Andrea got a comment from Jim!

Anonymous said...

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