Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jambalaya and Guitar Hero

Since today was opening day (LSU 41-App State 13) Jim made a big pot of jambalaya.  And since it makes such a huge amount, we had our neighbors the Andersons and the Emmitts over.

HMMM... It was delicious!
One thing led to another and a fierce Guitar Hero competition began.  
Girls against the guys.
Jim wore his rally cap.
But it didn't help!  We spanked them.

Although this may not be the BEST indication of the night's score!


Troye said...

Funny! I'm making Jim's jambalaya tomorrow!!!! Woo Hoo! We are excited!

Kim Thomas said...

Congratulations to the Braun's!

Queen B said...

When is Kim going to get Guitar Hero, so we can virtually compete?

Glad you guys had a good football weekend. I had a rough one :(

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