Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Money News

Today was our last Take Off Tuesday for the summer.  We ended with a BANG!  First stop, Inside CNN where we toured CNN Center "backstage" and watched a live broadcast of the news.
This is the largest freestanding escalator in the world (985 feet) and it drops you into the 50 foot high globe to begin the tour.
The kids "read" a newscast.
All in all, a pretty fun tour.  Funniest part: when Coleman asked me in the middle of the tour "Don't you really only watch FOX?"  I swear, I saw the security guard put his hand to his gun!

After lunch, we went to the Federal Reserve Bank and toured "The Story of Money" museum.  
This little museum is a hidden gem!  Unfortunately, no cameras=no photos of how fun it was.  (Kim and Laura-our visitors' passes all had 22 in them-I was going to send you a picture, but the security guard said no-no!)  We learned a lot about the Fed and inflation and there was a great section on counterfeit bills.  We also were able to see right into the bank where robotic cars (named Abe, George, Andy and Ben) move around MILLIONS of dollars in front of our eyes.  Each cash bus held between 2.53 and 50 million dollars.  That is some serious CAAASH.  Unfortunately, they were not giving out free samples.  Although the kids did each get a free bag of shredded currency which makes the fact that we PAID for a bag at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing kind of aggravating!

On the way home we stopped at The Varsity for some frozen refreshment.
Great day to end the summer!


Kim Thomas said...

CNN is on my list for our visit!

Jinjer said...

Looks super fun!

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