Monday, September 29, 2008

Calories don't count when it's for a good cause!

We tore ourselves away from the hot stove tonight and dragged ourselves to Chili's to eat.  We didn't want to, but hey, it's all for a good cause!  Thanks to all of you who came out tonight.  Our Chili's was rockin' for the cause!

Lunch with Troye.  (We "suffered" through lunch AND dinner!)
Shannon and family
Christian's fifth grade teacher, Ms. Covey and her son, Drew
Sanford family
Troye and Jonah and Daniel
Debbie and Coleman's little friend, Courtney
Christian and Daniel
Amy and John and Josh
Kim, Kelly, Carolyn and Michelle
Maddy and Ethan
Coleman and Kristen
Coleman and his first grade teacher Tracey 
Kim and me
A face only a mother could love 
(BTW, he says the ribs were EXCELLENT!)
Of course we colored peppers-my personal favorite (good job, Kelly!)
and you too, Steven!
We did our part!  If you ate at Chili's leave it in the comments! (And send me your pictures!)  I will update with the total amount Chili's donated to St. Jude as soon as it is announced.  You guys ROCK!


Lisa A said...

Andrea, looks like a fun, successful day at Chillis. wish we had been there too. boy, does coleman look like grant in some of those photos!? (especially rib one). miss you.

Kim A said...

It was a blast! How much will it cost me to get that one picture removed?

Amy said...

We did not take any pics, but we had dinner there last night!!

Jinjer said...

What a great time and a great cause!

Kim Thomas said...

Everybody looks like they had a great time.

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