Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nothing But the Blood

My daughter has nosebleeds.  Almost always at night.  Which means that there is usually blood on her pillowcase, her sheets and blanket, nightgown... it looks like Halloween II.  This is my laundry BFF:
Hydrogen peroxide gets out bloodstains.  Pour it liberally over the stain (you'll see it turn white and bubble up) and then wash the item normally.  It's like magic!  Now if I could only find some magic potion that would take out grass stains and spaghetti sauce this reliably I would be set!  It works for me!  Now head on over to Shannon's for more Works For Me Wednesday tips.


Sonshine said...

Peroxide and blood stains works for me too! Peroxide works good on deo. stains too. :)

As for grass stains and spaghetti sauce...usually I can get grass stains out with Era poured right on the stains use an old toothbrush to scrub it in and take some Felsnaptha soap and just scrub over the stains and wash as normal OR with Clorox 2 poured directly on the stain.

Spaghetti sauce or other tomato based stains work out best if you take the clothes and soak in cold water immediately. Then I use regular ol' Dawn or Palmolive dishsoap directly on the stain. Then wash as usual. However, it seems that spaghetti/tomato based stains need the treatment at least twice around!


Paula said...

I found that the orange anti-bacterial handsoap and water as hot as your hands can take it gets out almost anything. I have gotten out tomato with it and every kind of infant bodily fluid you can imagine.
I just put a squirt on the stain, put some warm/hot water on and scrub. Rinse, repeat til gone.

Anonymous said...

Our oldest son used to have nosebleeds at night too. The first morning after it started I went in to get him he was sleeping REALLY deep and I FREAKED out. Looked like someone had killed him in bed. Yeah... just one of the heart stopping moments of motherhood that has taken years off my life! Thanks for a great tip, have a blessed day! ~Whitney

marigold said...

This works for me too! Even on the stubborn denim of jeans (ahem).

Definitely try Dawn or Palmolive on the spaghetti stains!

Heather said...

I, too, use gallons of Hydrogen Peroxide for the exact same reason, except, in this house, the Hubby and eldest son are frequent victims.
As for the other stains, try Oxi-Clean Laundry spray on them. I've had great success with it. Sometimes you might have to wash the item twice, before drying it, before it comes completely out.

Weeble said...

Does this work on white carpet too? A few years ago my son was playing with a neighbor and accidently hit the little boy in the head with a golf club.(the boy walked up behind my son while he was swinging) Blood spurted out everywhere and also on the carpet when he went inside to show his mother. While he was in the hospital getting stitches the mom had two concerns. Will it leave a scar (no it didn't) and how does she get blood out of her white carpet? Then she asked for my insurance policy number. Nice neighbor huh?

Kim Thomas said...

thanks for the tip. (I am so behind)

Alexandra said...

Yes! I get a huge one at K-Mart for a nice price. It works well on coffee and tea stains as well. I use it on my creme colored rug frequently.

Laurie-N-FL said...

My daughter had night time nosebleeds for years...until one Dr. finally suggested an easy solution. Every night she coats the inside of each nostril with Vaseline (or vitamin E). Once we started, she never had another nosebleed....just wish I had known about the peroxide trick!

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