Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Office

Because I want to be JUST LIKE  Kim and Queen B when I grow up, here is a tour of MY office space!
My comfy couch with the cushions CUSTOM-contoured to my "curves"
My MacBook (I heart you!)
Picture of the people who make me crazy  inmates my family
Picture window with a beautiful view of our custom-landscaped backyard lacrosse/soccer field
Cordless phone
(Oops!) my breakfast dishes
Current project I am working on (two class Halloween parties)
Blanket because I am ALWAYS cold and of course,
My trusty dog


Amy said...

It's good to see where all the *Magic* happens! ;) Will we see you guys at dinner tonight?

Queen B said...


Kim Thomas said...

I must say that the office couch is quite comfortable. I could work easily from there.

I must also add that I love that you use the cross out in your blog writing. That is so cool, that is so queenbish

KFuj said...

I love your office!

Up until my mold issue in my classroom I didn't have an office, but now I got a new room and an office!

Paula said...

And in a beautifully decorated room too!

I mom, therefore I blog.