Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fill 'er up!

This has been an all-too common sight around Atlanta for the past 2 1/2 weeks.  Due to some pipeline issue (in part from Hurricane Ike?) the gas stations in Georgia have been unable to refuel.  It wasn't such a big deal at the beginning and everyone thought it would only last a couple of days.  This BP ran out of gas 2 weeks ago, but the QT across the street still had gas.
But then the stations started dropping like flies.  A Shell near my house still had gas, but there was a $20 limit.  Do you know how much gas $20 will get you at $4.39 a gallon?  Exactly.  Not Much.
On Monday, I had reached dire straits... My gas gauge was as low as it could go and I had already gone to THREE gas stations (none anywhere near my house!) and had no luck. saved me!  The website posts the price of gas at stations in your area with a time stamp.  Normally, this is so you can find the cheapest place to fill up.  But in this case it was to see what stations even HAD gas. In some cases it even said how many cars were in line at each station.  I drove to a station I never would have visited and was able to fill up my car.
What a happy sight!  
Things seem to be getting better.  Most of the stations around us seem to have gas now, so maybe the crisis is over.


Jinjer said...

The stations ran out of gas?!!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

This happened in AZ once since I moved here. Please send the gas gods to make this better by Oct 18

Whitworth Blog Site said...

Andrea, my mom mentioned this gas shortage in an email. How did the school buses continue? Did they continue?

It's turned COLD in England! High 40 today and perhaps our first freeze tonight!

Cheers, Tammy

Queen B said...

ugh. Yep, this happened in Phoenix in like 2004, I think. It was awful. My hubby had to go stalk the gas station one night at 2am, waiting for the tanker to come fill the station up. Not fun.

Kim Thomas said...

I have been meaning to ask about this and I have been worried that we may be stuck in Georgia....but I guess that would be okay since you have more fun!

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