Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Great Pumpkin (Patch)

The kids were out of school yesterday for a teacher workday, so we decided to drive up to the North Georgia Mountains to do some hiking.  We had a picnic lunch at the top of the mountain and then hiked down to the falls.  Jim was sweet enough to walk back up the 678 steps and drive the van down to the base of the Falls to meet us so that we didn't have walk back up!  On the way down we saw this:

Obviously posed, but obviously cute!

This is my little neighbor that I am trying to adopt. 
However, her mother is very selfish and won't give her up.
We hauled home quite a load!  

Today I have to bake pumpkin bread, because the mean ol' mom at our house wouldn't buy any at the pumpkin patch.


Queen B said...

love the posed pics with the pumpkins!

snake pic is very cool. I'm totally with you on touching snakes. icky!

Kim A said...

my what a cute little neighbor you have!!! Thanks for our pumpkin!!!

Kim Thomas said...

Great pics!

I mom, therefore I blog.