Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's Grate!

This week's Works For Me Wednesday is themed:

 "Kitchen Organization".  

Two words in my mind that don't really go together naturally!  

I have a cookbook stand, but most of my go-to recipes are on cards- which usually fall or get lost under the ingredients while I am trying to cook.  Solution?  I took an old cheese grater that I found at an antique store and hung it over the countertop where I do most of my food prep.  I attach the recipe card I am using with a magnet and I'm good to go! (And it's cute to boot!)
It works for me!  Head on over to Shannon's for more Works For Me Wednesday tips.

1 comment:

mub said...

Oh this is such a neat idea! I'm taking a magnet with me next time I go to the thrift store *L*

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