Monday, October 13, 2008

It's How We Roll

We went to lunch with some friends after church today and they invited us to go roller skating with them.  Growing up in a small town that only had two things to do (a roller rink and a two-screen movie theatre that closed down when I was in junior high) I spent a lot of time at the skating rink as a child!  We grabbed our skates and went.

 Carolyn is still at the "learning to stay upright" stage, but she can do a MEAN chicken dance!
Nice belly shot.  Coleman caught her before she hit the deck.
When is couple-skate? 
Please notice that I am a purist and am wearing roller SKATES, not blades (by choice, not because I can't skate in the other ones!)

I took a lot more pictures of Carolyn than of the boys.
It's difficult to catch a moving target.  Most of the shots I did get of Christian and Coleman were of their backs as they passed me!
Skating is hard work and my bottom hurts.
How low can you go?
Girls skate!
We had a lot of fun!


Jinjer said...

What a fun time!

Paula said...

I lived at the rink when I was in middle school.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Now that brings back memories

Queen B said...

looks like good times were had by all :) wish I'd been there!

Kim Thomas said...

I love roller skating or blading :)

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