Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What to do, what to do

It's amazing the things you can accomplish when you are avoiding doing something else.  My book club is meeting at my house tomorrow night, so I should be cleaning.  Or preparing for my class tonight.  Or doing laundry.

But THIS is what I decided to do this morning:
This headboard belonged to my Memo.  I "inherited" it not when I got married.  The center piece comes out and I've planned to cover it ever since I got it (you know, almost 15 years ago.)
So this morning I realized I had everything to do it-and I did it!  I monogrammed the "B" on a piece of fabric that I had, 
covered the inset with quilt batting and the fabric, stapled the back
and voila!  A brand new headboard!


Queen B said...

I am impressed

Jinjer said...

Looks good!

Amy said...

Love it! Can you monogram other items? Can I pay you to do some for me?

Paula said...

Beautiful! Who's sleeping in this bed in T minus 10 days?

Sydney Thomas said...

This is nice, you don't need to worry about me spitting up on it. I don't spit up, ask my mom. I don't get burped either.

I mom, therefore I blog.