Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 20

Today and every day!) I am thankful for FRIENDS.  Specifically, Kim and Troye.  I know that I have already been thankful for each of them this month, but let me tell you what they did!  While I was in Louisiana, they took care of my house, made sure that my garbage was put out and brought back in on garbage day, took my dogs to the kennel and picked them up the day I was driving home (saving me about $80), HAD MY HOUSE CLEANED, and stocked it with essentials (lunchmeat, cheese, bread, milk and MOST importantly DIET COKE!)  What would I do without friends like these?  We have never lived near any of our family... these girls ARE my family. I love you both!

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Queen B said...

dang! those are some great friends

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