Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day

The kindergarten at Carolyn's school held a mock election today.  Carolyn's classroom was the polling place and her classmates were the poll workers.  I love kindergarten; they were so cute! 

 First stop, check-in.
Show your ID card!
Follow the arrows!
Get your ballot.
Just like at the real polls, there can be a lengthy line.
The voting "booth".
Casting her ballot.
And don't forget the "I'm a Georgia Voter" sticker!
Now if only the country will vote the way the kindergartners did!


Wendy said...

One of our middle schools also voted in McCain but by a much narrower margin. (I think it was 10 votes difference.)

Paula said...

Well, they say kids tend to be the smartest ones in a room.

Queen B said...

Carolyn might be the cutest kid ever... I know that won't make me popular with the other parents ;) I will say there is a lot of competition for that title, but she is up near the top!

hee hee... I was going to ask how long the line was ;)

sigh... the country could learn something from the voting going on at Carolyn's school

Kim Thomas said...

Kim1Champ projects a McCain Victory based upon Carolyn's class.

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