Saturday, November 08, 2008

Found Under Our Pillows

It says:
What good dads do
1. Shave
2. Take showers
3. Kiss there wife

Rules for Moms and for Dads
1. Make you're bed.
2. Love you're children.
3. Help you're children.

Apparently, the standards are very achievable to be a good dad! (And apparently we also need to review the use of contractions!)


Troye said...

LOVE the corresponding pictures!!!! Just in case Jim needs a little help. :)

KFuj said...

How sweet! The pictures are great, too:-) has a great video and quiz about the use of there, their, and they're!!

Queen B said...

RO! This is so sweet. You crack me up, Andrea!

Paula said...

I love Coleman! I totally regret not stealing him when I had the chance! If UK plays in Atlanta for a bowl game, he is soooo leaving with me!!!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

So cute! Jessica wrote me a note the other day about how much she would love me but wants my house when I am dead

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