Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 28

Gettin' my craft on! Tonight's sneak peak.  Can't wait to show the completed project!
This dog.  He could move over 2 feet and be on a nice soft rug.  But then he wouldn't be touching me, so here he stays, with rock for a pillow!
Tonight I am thankful that football season is over.  No more disappointment.  Unless we can manage to lose a bowl game, too.  Which is highly probable.  


Queen B said...

thanks for the sneak peek, I was curious!

so sweet about the dog :) I'm currently in the middle of a puppy sandwich myself. Though mine are demanding enough to make me cover them in blankets...

Yeah... I had the death of my hopes for basketball season tonight, too. Not good.

Kim Thomas said...

This is so awesome!!!!

Paula said...

Cant wait to see the final product! Dogs are so sweet that way, really.

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