Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 26

Today, we cooked.  

This year, I had helpers in the kitchen.  And they REALLY helped, not "helped"!
Coleman made the cornbread for the dressing and Carolyn made the biscuits (also for the dressing).  They were just whomp biscuits, but she separated them like a pro!
Christian made the sweet potato casserole from start to finish.  Funny aside: I told him to find the recipe in my recipe book under Vegetables and they all thought that was a funny place to file it!  

"Because it tastes like candy!" says Coleman.
Last week when I was in Louisiana, Mom and I went to the antique store and I found an apple peeler.  I've always wanted one, but was too cheap to pay $30.  This one was only $10 and it's fabulous!  The kids have eaten more apples this week than in the past year because they like to peel them.

Carolyn and Coleman peeled the apples for the apple pie
and Coleman sliced them.  
Carolyn and I made the pie. Wish you had smell-ernet, because it smells heavenly in my house right now!

On the menu for tomorrow:

Turkey, of course. This year we are trying Sandra Lee's recipe (I watched her make it on the Food Network Monday night and it looked GOOD.)
Memo's Sweet Potato Casserole (cannot tell you enough how good this is!)
Seasoned Green Beans
Pumpkin Yeast Rolls (new recipe I'm making for the first time)
and Apple Pie for dessert

We are all by ourselves this year which is kind of sad.
However, with no company coming there is no cleaning to do!  And today, I am thankful for that!


Troye said...

LOVE Coleman's apron!!!
I'm so impressed with your little helpers. Happy Thanksgiving!

Troye said...

Also, don't ever stop searching for one of those apple peeler thingies. Next time you find one for that price, I want one too!!!!! :)

Queen B said...

I'm on par with Coleman and not as advanced as Christian.

dinner sounds delicious...careful, you might get some visitors :)

Kim Thomas said...

How happy am I that recipes are included. Biscuits in the stuffing, that sounds southern to me. Yum!

And can I just say that those kids look so great!

AKJayElle said...

Aw I missed you guys so much for Thanksgiving this year! I definitely missed Memo's Sweet Potato Casserole. They don't do anything THAT tasty in Europe! Haha, looks like you guys enjoyed the holiday anyway! Miss you bunches! xox, JL

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