Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lucky Rabbit Foot(s)

Today we went to the Appalachian Christmas Festival in Cleveland at Babyland General Hospital (home of the Cabbage Patch kids.)  The kids made ornaments and jumped in a jump house, Carolyn had her face painted and Christian bungee jumped.
We toured the "hospital" and even saw a live birth in the cabbage patch.
Don't you love festival food?  There is something about eating outside on the grass that makes BBQ and hot dogs taste so much better!
Especially when Mom loses her mind and lets you drink COKE!
You know the only thing scarier than those Cabbage Patch dolls?
How about one of those dolls that's six feet tall?

But BY FAR the best part of the day?

Jim, you don't know how close we came to bringing one of these cuties home!


Queen B said...


wow! a cabbage patch kid is one of the first Christmas presents I remember getting - Mary Anne Jelly. I might not be remembering her last name quite right...

Paula said...

That would be fun to go to!

PS--we've got Princess's class pet bunny at home this weekend. They're cute until you have to scoop out the litter box. Trust me.

Andrea said...

Paula, that is EXACTLY why we didn't bring one home!

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