Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bake Off

There has been a LOT of baking at my house this week.  Reindeer cookies for Carolyn's class, chocolate chip cookies for Christian's party and happy birthday cookies for my neighbor.  Add to that homemade treats for the bus drivers and specials teachers at school and oh, yes!  the cookie exchange this weekend and the kitchen has been in overdrive!

Good thing I had cute little elves to help me. (And dressed the part to boot. Shout out to Ms. Troye for the 411 on the cute aprons and hats at Kohl's!)
Yesterday we made red velvet cake for the red velvet truffles I'm making for my cookie exchange.  It's a good thing Christian wasn't home from school yet or I would have needed a mixer with three beaters.
While we were waiting for the cake to bake, Carolyn made sugar cookies.  My aunt gave her a baking set when we were in Memphis and she has been dying to try it out.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that there was flour from one end of the kitchen to the other.  It looked like it had snowed.
Please note the cake batter goatee. It really adds to the charm of this picture.
I'm not sure if her cookies are edible or not.  There is so much flour in them they may be more like dough ornaments.  But she had fun. 

 And I learned that Gumbo likes flour.


Troye said...

The aprons and hats are WAY too cute!!!! It looks like y'all had a blast!
And, it looks like Carolyn got collagen implants in that last photo. Way to start 'em young!!!
And, D wants to know where his cookies are?

Queen B said...

I love their outfits...and I'm sure I would love all the different cookie options :)

Kim Thomas said...

Love these pics! I would like to place an order for the butterscotch cookies I had in October

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