Thursday, December 04, 2008

Watch Us GO!

Christian and I wish that each and every one of you could come with us to Memphis to cheer us on as we crawl stumble drag ourselves stride across the finish line on Saturday.  But even though you can't, you can keep up with our progress!  St. Jude is offering free runner tracking for St. Jude Heroes.  You can receive updates on our progress via text, email or pager alerts on race day!  (I know you are so excited and have nothing better to do than wait for updates on how slow I am walking!)  At strategic places along the course, our time, pace and predicted finish will be sent to any of you who sign up to receive the alerts.  Click here to sign up!  (But do it before race day!)


Queen B said...

heehee. this will definitely break up the monotony of class! I love seeing your strike-through font :)

Kim Thomas said...

This is cool! I have signed up and will get your updates throughout the route!

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