Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Definitely Not A Hot House

Apparently our gas bill came while I was out of town.  
And apparently it was DOUBLE what it was for the same period last year! (Even though we were out of town for a week this year.)
When I got home my house was a freezer.
All of these blinds are normally open to let in the light.
Not anymore.  And look where Jim had the thermostat set!
I've been freezing with it set at 68 degrees! I turned it back up. 
 Because I don't want frostbite my welcome home flowers to shrivel.

(See how clean my house is?  Either they really missed me or I missed out on a GREAT party.)


Jenn Ann said...

65 is definitely too cold! However, it's probably better for your welcome home flowers than say a comfy 70. At least your long sleeved shirts can be out to good use ;)

Queen B said...


Andrea said...

I'm all for keeping the temp low. I know when my folks come to visit me in a couple of weeks they will be jumping on my thermostat and cranking the heat up!!

Glad you made it hope to such a spotless house and lovely flowers!!

Paula said... came home to a clean house? When I'm away, I just pray to come home to a structurally sound, non-burnt building that atleast resembles my home on the exterior, with all relatives alive and in as few pieces as possible!!!

Amy said...

You would definitely freeze at my house it is never set over 65. Well, sometimes we turn it up a little downstairs. But for the most part it stays around 65 or so. I can not stand to pay that much for heat. We have lots of blankets and hoodies to keep us warm. That is how i was brought up also. Thank goodness my husbands family was the same way. Now in the summer, I am all about paying for the A/C!

Kim A said...

Now I will be comfy in your house! BTW...I heard through the grapevine the party was ROCKIN'

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