Thursday, January 22, 2009


I was in the kitchen the other day when the boys came running in with big grins on their faces.  "MOM.  Look what we found!!!!"
This is a book I received for Christmas two weeks before I turned 8 years old.  It is a funny, fill-in-the-blank book that lives on the bookshelf upstairs and the boys found it.  

"Look what it says!!!!!"
Sometimes I get mad at Some People.  YES NO
I kicked someone.  YES NO
I poked someone.  YES NO
I hit someone.   YES NO
I yanked hair.  YES NO
I'm sorry I did it.   YES NO

With the exception of "I'm Sorry"  The YES boxes are all marked and the NO boxes have been marked and then erased.  (Of course, the "I'm sorry" is the reverse!)  
Coleman said, "You were mean when you were mad!" (Hello, pot, I am kettle.)

I tried to explain to them that Aunt Amy had changed my answers, but they didn't buy it.

Moral of the story: Hide your stuff.

On an unrelated note, check out this page!
How things change.

When Christian was reading this tonight, he said, "You are still a good runner.  You are just not in the prime of your youth."

Thanks, dude.


Paula said...

we get so excited when they learn to walk and talk, then we spend the next 17 years wishing they would sit down and hush!!

Neat book! You were a typical kid, too!

Andrea said...

OMG!! I had that same book....I wonder where mine is.... Maybe I need to get new one and update it for how I am now.

Queen B said...

that is SO funny!! love the update :)

Amy said...

HA! I always knew you were mean to me when I was little. Now, I have proof!!!

Kim A said...

That just might be the funniest thing you have ever had on your blog! You can RUN, but you can't hide!

Jim said...

I love Amy's comment.

Kristen in Wa said...

OK this is hysterical!! Jordan thought so to!! I had to read it him 3 times!

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