Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Musical Debut

Tonight was the 6th grade Orchestra Concert.  
The best thing about the concert?  It was only 20 minutes long!
I kid.  I was pleasantly surprised!  
The kids were fantastic.   
They played several songs including this one... I bet you can even recognize it.

Following the orchestra concert was the 6th grade band concert.  
Those parents were ROWDY! 


Paula said...

mmm...I cant get it to play, but I've had random problems playing video for years. That's a great pic of him though!

Jim Braun said...

Now I know why they have so much fun at band camp. I don't think orchestra camp would be as exciting>

Queen B said...


Kim Thomas said...

Way to go, Christian!

LTK said...

C, I had no idea you played the...the cello? Is that what that is!? Well, very nice. You should be proud!

Anonymous said...

I loved it. Great job!


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