Monday, January 26, 2009

My New Favorite Dinner!

I found this recipe in this month's Southern Living and tried it out tonight.  Seconds all around except for one camper who thinks black beans are "disGUSTing".  (Guess who.)
photo courtesy of Southern Living
It was very good and pretty easy, especially if you already have cooked chicken.  For a printable version, click here.

And because we are health-conscious, I made fake beignets for dessert.  
While not as good as the real thing, they were still pretty darn good!  
To make:  Take a can of whomp biscuits and separate.  Cut each biscuit in half and fry in hot oil until golden on each side.  Drain and COVER with powdered sugar.  Eat while still warm.  Ymmm!


Queen B said...

oooh, those both look GREAT!

Kim Thomas said...

I may be making the first one tomorrow. We just started a diet so maybe next weekend we will treat with the fake beignets.

I miss getting my Southern Living magazine. I need to sign back up for it.

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