Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Dairy Kind of Day

The weather here this week has been gorgeous!  Like, sit on the front porch in your bare feet and jeans and read a book gorgeous.  On Friday, we took a quick trip to Mayfield's Dairy for ice cream. It was so nice to sit outside!  
And the ice cream was pretty good, too.  
We are enjoying it while it lasts.


AKJayElle said...

It's a national heat wave I'm pretty sure. I woke up this morning to see nearly all of our snow melted and my roommate proclaiming that I'd be hot when I stepped outside as I was putting on my little thin scarf and fleece jacket. Bring it on Spring! :)

KFuj said...

I wish it was warm here, looks like you had a great time!

Kim Thomas said...

I want to come in mid-March....and I want to eat dairy :)

Queen B said...

looks yum :)

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