Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Carolyn's first game was this weekend.  The boys lacrosse games were rained out.  I could grow accustomed to being a spectator in a nice, warm, dry gym!

Ready? OKAY!
Down the floor, down the floor, shoot it, SCORE!

Thriller! Thrill-er! (Oops-I just aged myself, didn't I?)
Girlfriend gettin' her groove on!
Oh look!  There is a basketball game going on!
And, just in case the pictures aren't enough-the halftime dance for your viewing pleasure.

She just learned this Thursday night! :)


Paula said...

Carolyn---you totally rocked that cheer, girlfriend!!!

Queen B said...

omg.... she is TOO CUTE. Didn't think she could get cuter, but this uniform is just adorable!

Jenn Ann said...

Cutest thing ever!

Kim A said...

Waaaaay cute! Can't wait to see her cheer!

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