Monday, March 30, 2009

Run of the Mill Weekend (!)

trapped in a parking garage, 
dinner at the Varsity
rained out lacrosse games, 
basketball game, 
lunch at the Dawsonville Pool Room
dinner at The Harvest Table
Christian's confirmation, 
lunch at the slowest Quizno's on the planet, 
lacrosse in the backyard, 
homecooked southern meal, 
Atlanta Cyclorama (closed!), 
almost ticketed for jaywalking, 

What did YOU do this weekend?


Wendy said...

I am tired just reading all that. All we did was go to the zoo and that was plenty enough activity for me.

Queen B said...

I think a Braun weekend is as much activity as I could handle for a month!

Paula said...

You all did more in a weekend than I'd do in a weeks vacation!

Andrea said...

I had to keep up with the champ!!!!

Heather said...

Jeff (and his kidney stones) would like to know where you found those enormous glasses of tea? Quoting Jeff, "Those look GOOOOOOOOOOD!" Have another kidney stone, honey!

KIM A said...

Wow! That is a whole summers worth of Take of Tuesdays rolled into one loooooooong weekend!

How did Jim like Stone Mtn?

Kim Thomas said...

It was a jam packed weekend but I had a fantastic time!!!!

Amy said...

Is there even enough time to get all that done in a weekend?!?!?! Holy cow! I couldn't keep up! :)

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