Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All Lacrosse, All the Time

So, as I mentioned, we had four lacrosse games in three days.  
Coleman's team won Thursday, 
Christian's team tied Friday night 
(the fans were rabid... hello? the boys are 12! Get a life!); 
and both teams won (and won BIG) on Saturday.  
Braun goals totalled FIVE.  Sweet!

We had a nice surprise and Uncle Gary and Aunt Susan came to visit this weekend just to see the boys play lacrosse.  
Uncle Gary is now a big fan of the game.  (And was only a TEENSY bit proud of the boys and the way they played!)   We enjoyed their visit.  Of course, Jim was out on the field coaching for a large portion of their stay, but I got to enjoy them!

Coleman was lucky enough to have two of his favorite friends, Hannah and Griffin, come out to watch him play-
in between their own soccer and baseball games!


Queen B said...

that is a lot of Coleman goals! Great job!

Amy said...

I see the fans haven't improved!! Tell your boys I am proud of them. Wish we could have been there!

Anonymous said...

Great job, guys! Meme

Paula said...

Way to go, Brauns!

Andrea said...

Coleman scored three and Christian scored two... Both boys played FANTASTIC!

Kim Thomas said...

I love the top pic!

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