Monday, April 20, 2009

Amy's Visit

My sister Amy was in town last week with my nieces 
 and Isabella.  
I'm ashamed to say that I took very few pictures. 
We really didn't do much since my kids were in school all week but we made it to Mayfields, of course
And took the obligatory picture in front of Maggie the cow.
And we spent all day Saturday at the lacrosse field.  The girls paid attention to the game not so much. 
 But they are two peas in a pod and enjoy each other's company.

Isabella is a white trash redneck baby.
All she needs is some coca-cola in a bottle and she could be the Wal-mart poster baby. 

Or be in a movie.  ("You have a baby!  In a bar!") 

In her defense, she began the day looking like this:
4 hours on a lacrosse field and trying to keep up with your FUN cousins will do that to a girl.


Paula said...

I love that movie quote!

They are both lovely girls.

FYI--In KY it's Mountain Dew in the bottles.

Queen B said...

fun! can't wait until there are fun Amy/Andrea times in Texas :)

Troye said...

Isabella is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!

Kim Thomas said...

I cannot get over Isabella's hair!!!! So cute and so much of it!!!!

I mom, therefore I blog.