Friday, April 03, 2009

Easter 1999?
The best place to dye Easter eggs with a two year old is not your house.  Go to Meme's!  I think Christian is two and a half in this picture; but really that face hasn't changed since birth, so it's hard to tell!  

I am not at all ready for Easter.  I haven't bought eggs to color (although I did pick up a box of dye).  I'm not sure what the kids (or I!) will be wearing on Easter Sunday or what we will be eating.  And at some point we need to get the Easter baskets out if the Easter bunny is going to visit.

What I do know?  We will be celebrating at church and we will be with family that is coming to visit.  And nothing else is as important as that!

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Queen B said...

ha! That is a cute pic! He looks SO happy :)

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