Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My Dog by Carolyn

Carolyn is guest-blogging today:

My Dog

My dog is qoot. My dog plays fech with me. My dog las (lays) at my moms feet.  My dog is black and white.  My dog is very god.  Win you call my dog he comes in a flash. He does a trick.  His name is Gumbo.  My other dog did (died).  Gumbo dragged me on the grad (ground).  I scind my nee's.  I was bleeding and I was criying.  The End.


AKJayElle said...

Well gosh, she just makes him sound so sweet!

Kim Thomas said...

If Sydney wrote it:

ma ma ma am da da da da la la la la (Translation: Gumbo doesn't like me. He keeps running away)

Paula said...

That is a great story!

I mom, therefore I blog.