Monday, April 20, 2009

Pump Up the Party

The girls learned a new dance and performed it for the first time Saturday:
So stinkin' cute!

We had beautiful weather this weekend.  We watched lacrosse in the SUNSHINE! And we weren't under coats and blankets!  The boys' games were fantastic.  Coleman's team played as great a game as I have ever watched.  
Christian played a team that has several of his former teammates on it and it was nice to visit with the parents from last year. (Even though at one point I cheered for my friend's son... who is on the other team!)
 My sister and her girls have been here all week and Saturday she got a taste of life with three kids playing sports.  It was an all day affair!  We topped off the day with burgers on the grill and it was just about perfect.

Amy left early on Sunday morning and for the rest of the day we did... NOTHING!  It was after noon by the time we were all out of our pj's and dressed. We had chips and salsa and Easter candy for breakfast.  I know that it was after 3:00 when we went out and grabbed some lunch.  We were very overdue for a day like Sunday and it rocked!


Queen B said...

um.... where did Andrea Braun go? nothing? NOTHING???

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Look at you be the mom to a cheerleader :)

Paula said...

I'm dreading when all 3 of mine are in different activities!
Awesome routine, Carolyn!
I know nothing about Lacrosse. But I hear its getting popular here now.

AKJayElle said...

Ooh! Girlfriend got rhythm! :)

Kim Thomas said...

I am so bummed I missed LAX during my visit!

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