Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Wren's Nest

We had our first Take Off Tuesday of the summer today!  
We visited The Wren's Nest*, the home of Joel Chandler Harris, author of the Uncle Remus tales.
Before we went, we read The Classic Tales of Brer Rabbit.
  The kids really loved the stories.  Did you read Bre'r Rabbit and the Tarbaby when you were little? 

 I did!  I really enjoyed the tour.  It might have been a little long for the kids, although Christian enjoyed it.  But our tour guide obviously loved her job and was as sweet as pie.

And bonus!  Since we read five stories, the kids each got a T-shirt!  
We topped it off with lunch at the Varsity.  (Where Carolyn ate a cheeseburger and TWO hotdogs.  Seriously?!)
Christian says that NOW summer has officially begun!

*The house was originally called Snap Bean Farm. The neighbors called the house the Wren's Nest because there was a wren who laid her nest in the mailbox on the front porch and returned every year.  


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun....wish I could have tagged along. Mom

Paula said...

Sounds like fun to me....alas, I'm not sure if I would qualify for the Tee. My memory is awful, so I really don't remember.

KFuj said...

Well now that we know we can all read 5 books before we go for the tee ;-)

Kim Thomas said...

Christian looks like he just rolled out of bed.....

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Christian was lost in the book

Andrea said...

I've said it before but I'll say it again...you are such a great mom, will you adopt me?

I mom, therefore I blog.