Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Atlanta History Center

Today we went to the Atlanta History Center with the Andersons and the Ogburns.  This was our second visit, but the first time it was too cold to see the outside exhibits.  We started our visit at The Tulle Smith house, which is a farm/plantation from the 1840's.  There is a farmhouse complete with outbuildings such as a separate kitchen, smokehouse, chicken coop, etc.  I asked the girls what their favorite "take-away" was and they all agreed that they were glad that they lived now and not then!
Next stop was the Swan House, a mansion built in the 1930's.  This was an audio/self-guided tour and had narrative from the grandchildren who grew up in the house.  It was fabulous! (Think Great Gatsby.)
Gratuitous cute picture:
After lunch in the Coca--Cola Cafe, we went straight to the 1996 Olympics exhibit.  The boys beelined to the Sports Lab, naturally!  

Here Coleman is demonstrating the long jump:
His form needs some work... I'm not sure getting a push from your friend and banging into the padding at the end of the jump is what the creator of the exhibit had in mind,  but apparently it was a lot of fun since they did it over, and over, and...

So I learned today that it is not due to lack of motivation, skill or drive that I am not an Olympic athlete... I have the wrong body type!
Most Olympic athletes are physiomorphs!  (See?  It's not MY fault!)

But look at how much weight I lifted!!!!  Unfortunately, Susan didn't get a picture of me when I was set.
Nor am I as strong as she is, either!
We had a fun day (as we always do with these friends!) Our Tuesdays are rapidly dwindling!

(Thanks, Susan, for the photos!)


Jenn Ann said...

I need to come spend a summer with you!

Queen B said...

ha! that's awesome.... LOVE the weight-lifting pics!

All week, our local Fox station has been showing activities to be done around the metroplex (target = staycationers). I think of you every morning!

Kim Thomas said...

Add this to my list for next trip.

Paula said...

looks like a lot of fun!

kelly said...

that was fun

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