Friday, June 26, 2009

Down Memory Lane

Julia and James Monti (Jim's grandparents)
Uncle Gary and Aunt Susan brought us a big box of memories from cleaning our Jim's mom's house!  Some old pictures, baptism records, etc.  I had so much fun digging through it yesterday!  There was even a VCR tape of transferred 8mm movies from Jim's parents' wedding and some early years of his older brothers.  We popped it in the VCR last night and laughed our way through it.  (There was some footage of people doing the Twist at someone's wedding! Loved it.)

But the funniest thing I found was a medical bill for Jim's mom from 10/15/69 for an abdominal Xray to check for the possiblility of twins! (Jim was born about two weeks later.)

Such fun!


Paula said...

How very cool! That had to be an absolute blast!

Queen B said...

haha! that's funny! looooove memories :)

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