Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Frankly, My Dear...

Our Take Off Tuesday today was to the Gone With The Wind Museum in Marietta.
 Last week, on a chilly, rainy night we watched the movie.  
The kids loved it.  Except for the end.  ("Bonnie dies?!?!  The little girl DIES?!?!  What kind of a movie IS this!?")  I wanted to go to the Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta (where she wrote the book) but decided the kids might like the movie museum better!

It was okay.  There was a lot of movie memorabilia, but most of it was in the form of movie posters in foreign languages.  
Although it did have this dress.  

We did enjoy walking around the Marietta Square and found a cupcake bakery!  
It received two thumbs up from everyone in our group!
Don't they look delicious?
We all had a different flavor: pumpkin, rocky road, white cake with strawberry, chocolate chocolate and vanilla.  (Mine was the best!)

High Cuteness factor:
And just so we didn't take ourselves TOO seriously, we also visited The Big Chicken!!!!   It ROCKED.
(I know, you are SO jealous!)
 It was Johnny Rebs in a former life, but is now a KFC.  The eyes roll and the beak opens and closes-how fun it THAT?

We enjoyed our day very much.  


Paula said...

How very cool! I wish we had more cool stuff around here.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Where do I get an application to be your daughter?

Queen B said...

LOVE Gone With the Wind, despite the unacceptable deaths ;) the museum sounds pretty lame, how disappointing

Wow, a KFC that still uses "fried" - impressive!

cupcakes look great, but I will take one of those caramel apples!

Kim Thomas said...

The Margaret Mitchell house is on my list for next trip.

And this is the coolest KFC around

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