Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Favorite Snack

My favorite snack is this homemade salsa and chips.  This recipe was given to me by my friend Kristen, but I totally pass it off as my own now!  It is so easy and so healthy (except for the eating it on chips part!)

I'd love to show a picture of it, but BOTH of my cameras are on the fritz.  Take my word for it, it's good.  Make it. Today.

Kristen's Salsa

2 tomatoes, quartered
4 green onions
1/3 bunch cilantro
1 can Rotel
juice of 1 lime

Add all ingredients to food processor or blender.  Pulse.  Serve.

For printable recipe, click here.


Diane said...

Sounds good but no diced jalapeno's or green chile?

Heather said...

I am wondering if your camera is on the "fritz" because it was confused by taking pictures of the dark??? :-) I don't think blind people take many pictures of things!! heehee

Andrea said...

I'm with Diane....I can only handle so much heat. Do you make your own chips? My friend Samantha makes wonderful homemade tortilla chips.

Andrea said...

The green chiles are in the Rotel. Andrea, I need the recipe for the wonderful homemade tortilla chips!

Kim Thomas said...

Yep, Andrea Braun is now going to be making homemade chips.

Queen B said...


I mom, therefore I blog.