Thursday, June 11, 2009

Phonebooks, Why?

We had three phonebooks delivered this week. Coleman brought the bag in from the front porch and asked, "What's this?"

Me: "Phonebooks."

Coleman: "What are they for?"

Me: "You look up phone numbers in them."

Coleman: "Why?"

Me: "For when you need to call someone and you don't know their number.  You can look it up."

Coleman: "In a BOOK? Weird."
The child did not know what a phonebook was.  He was fascinated.  He asked if our number was in it and I showed him how to look it up.  (It wasn't; It was a business white pages.) And I realized, I have never, not ONCE, used a phonebook in the almost three years that we've lived in this house.  (Does anyone, really?) I threw the last phonebooks we received in the recycling bin about 3 months ago and no one even knew they were gone.

According to Earth911, over 540 million phonebooks are delivered each year and if placed end to end they would circle the earth over 4 times!  BUT!  Apparently, you can cancel your subscription. Call the number in the front of the directory and asked to be removed from their circulation list.  I'm going to try it and see if it works.


Paula said...

I've seen ours delivered's some guy who looks like a stoner with a wagon, who literally just throws the book at the front door from about 10 feet away.

Kim Thomas said...

Whats hard to believe is that it's even worth printing. We get several a year and they are stacked on the telephone table (Ha Ha, we have a telephone table even though we have gotten rid of the home phone)

Queen B said...

LOL @ Kim's telephone table... a piece of furniture for holding phonebooks, apparently, which Coleman would not even be able to identify if faced with one...

As soon as we receive phonebooks, they go in the recycle bin. I should definitely call the number in the front of them next time.

Andrea said...

Yeah, Paula, I've seen them delivered before, too. I'm afraid canceling it is not going to do any good, but at least I'm going to try! I used to have a telephone table also, but is seemed to catch too much junk!

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