Sunday, June 14, 2009

Puppy Party

How to throw a puppy party:

Hit the $Spot at Target for cute dog items.
Cardstock and a little "origami" skill!
Let each child adopt a puppy from the "Rescue Shelter."
 and groom their new dogs at the grooming station.
Make beaded collars 
with shrinky-dink dog tags 
for your new pets.
Have a Bone Scavenger Hunt, 
and play "Trainer" Says.

For the kids:
Hot dogs, puppy chow, Scooby snacks, and cocoa puffs served in new dog bowls UNDER  the table.
For the adults: all of the above, and tomato-mozarella-basil skewers served ON the table.
You are on your own! 
(I made this one a day ahead in case I had to hit the grocery store bakery for a backup!)
But it turned out okay!
(or in this case, "doggie bags"!)
Inside: a mix CD of dog songs, a "dog" whistle, a candy (necklace) collar , Scooby snacks, and a heart pillow that says "I woof you."
Add all together and get one happy birthday girl!


Kari said...

You are the best mom ever. So awesome. I turn 30 next month - will you come throw me a party?

Paula said...

I think this is your calling---party planner. This is an AMAZING party!!

happy birthday to Carolyn!!!

Kim Thomas said...

I am so throwing a dog party!!!! This is awesome and Kari is right, best mom ever!

Andrea said...

None of you saw the exocist mom moment before the party.... head spinning and everything.

Queen B said...

in a million years... when I have kids... and they have birthdays... can I hire you to do their parties? :) or at least give me a "bday parties for dummies" guide???

Amy said...

I love that I have you on retainer...and you are so reasonably priced!! The party looked fabulous! We may have to copycat in December!!

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